The Lamb Angling Club
Terms & Conditions

Lamb Angling Club Rules General Pleasure Fishing

1. The Lamb Angling Club will not accept any liability for death or personal injury to persons using Lamb AC waters and/or car parks or loss or damage to vehicles and property howsoever caused.

2. Subscription must be paid before fishing. All Lamb Angling Club members at all times are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner and observe good angling etiquette! Any member or members who are deemed to be unruly or are abusive to Lamb AC members or officials or cause damage to Lamb AC property will be deemed to have committed a serious infringement of the Lamb Angling Club Rules and brought the good name of the Lamb AC into

disrepute. Accordingly such members will appear before the Committee and may be suspended or expelled from the Lamb Angling Club forthwith. Such behaviour will not be tolerated!

3. Under no circumstances will club balance sheets or statements be taken from any Lamb Angling Club meeting.

4. Alcohol, drug and substance abuse is strictly prohibited on all Lamb AC waters

5. Membership book and identity card must be carried at all times when fishing Lamb AC waters. Failure to produce both membership book and identity card when requested could result in eviction from the water.

6. A junior will be liable for membership during the year he/she attains his/her 12th birthday. A junior member will need to apply for Ordinary Membership during the year of their 17th birthday.

7. All members are Bailiffs, and upon production of their membership card, may, in turn request production of a current Membership Card from anyone fishing Lamb Angling Club Waters.

8. Pegs must not be left unattended at any time with live lines in the water.

9. No, transistors, radios, litter, camping fires allowed. Only green or camouflaged bivvy’s are to be used on Lamb Angling Club waters. No tents, trailer tents or caravans allowed on any Lamb

Angling Club water.

10. Dogs are allowed on our waters with the exception of Mease Meadows where no dogs are allowed. All dogs must be on leads, kept under control and quiet and any dog mess MUST be cleaned up. Anyone found leaving dog mess may be dismissed from the Lamb AC.

11. The use of your own landing and keep nets at Mease Meadows is strictly forbidden, landing nets and keep nets will be provided from the house and must be returned when you session is finished, please bring your own bank sticks and handles

12. Membership is for single rod only (unless a different membership level is purchased prior to fishing). Other rods may be set up, but must not be used other than in single rod capacity.

13. Two rod & three rod cards are available at extra cost.
14. Fishing from designated pegs only.
15. No fish to be removed from any Lamb AC waters permanently. All fish to be returned. 16. Cars to be parked on official car parks only.

17. Lamb Angling Club membership is not transferrable, Your Lamb AC Membership card remains the property of the Lamb AC at all times. If lost or stolen please inform the club

secretary A.S.A.P. An administration fee may be payable for a replacement card.
18. During the closed season, some Lamb Angling Club waters are open and some closed, see membership card for full details.

19. Anglers must not introduce any fish (dead or alive) or any spawn or aquatic plants into any Lamb Angling Club water without written authority from the Lamb Angling Club Committee (Except frozen dead baits).

20. Hook size 10 or larger MUST BE BARBED (Micro-barbed), and rigs must be of a type that allow the fish to eject it easily should a break off occur. NOTE; bent hook rigs in any form are not allowed on Lamb Angling Club waters.

21. All complaints must be referred to the Committee and NOT owners of Lamb Angling Club waters.

22. Anglers are responsible for the removal of litter of whatever nature from their pegs. It is the responsibility of any angler occupying a peg to ensure it is litter free and tidy at all times. Any member found defecating on any fishing peg shall be expelled from the Lamb Angling Club forthwith. – NO EXCEPTIONS!

23. Members are ONLY allowed to fish the amount of rods designated by their membership card. Any angler caught fishing rods in excess of their membership without gaining a day ticket to cover the additional rods (where applicable) will receive an automatic three month suspension

(minimum) and could be liable to expulsion.

24. No member shall cause damage by cutting / breaking down trees / bushes / shrubs in or adjacent to their pegs without prior authorisation from the Committee or fisheries officer. No swims to be altered in any way without the consent of the Lamb AC Committee.

25. Keep Nets, Landing Nets, Unhooking Mats, sacks, floatation slings and weigh slings must not be used if they have not been allowed to dry or have not been disinfected after use at another fishing venue, on the same day. Anglers must be vigilant in order to stop the spread of fish disease from one venue to another.

26. All gates on all Lamb AC waters (where fitted) must be locked immediately after entry and exit. If no lock is present the gate should still be closed after entry and exit from the water.

27. Swimming will not be permitted on any Lamb Angling Club waters under any circumstances, with the exception of the safety of anglers, fish or wildlife.

28. Anglers must not leave rods unattended whilst still baited and cast into the water. No fishing rods are to be left unattended whilst baited up and in the water.

29. All members fishing Lamb Angling Club waters must be in possession of a current Environment Agency rod fishing licence/s as applicable to the number of rods being fished. Any

member being prosecuted for not having the correct rod licences may be expelled for bringing the good name of the Lamb Angling Club into disrepute.

30. The removal of fish from any Lamb Angling Club waters for any purpose other than that of fisheries officers or their helpers in pursuit of fisheries management duties shall be deemed as theft and criminal prosecutions will be brought against offenders.

31. All anglers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during the hours of darkness.

32. Night fishing is allowed on specified Lamb Angling Club waters for all members (over the age of 16) but quietness must be observed, (this includes overly loud bite alarms) Do not use powerful torches and very bright lamps as excessive light is not helpful for night fishing and disturbs other anglers.

33. All members are required to attend at least 2 working parties during the closed season.

34. Keep net sizes must be as per environment agency recommendations.

35. Members are not allowed to reserve pegs, for any reason at any time. Unless agreed with Lamb AC committee or officials for the purposes of matches and events that have been pre- booked and advertised.

36. In order to protect Lamb Angling Club fish stocks from theft, all Lamb Angling Club Bailiffs and officials shall have the right to examine any vehicle on entering or leaving any Lamb AC water(s) to ensure that fish are not being removed, transported illegally or stolen. This right may only be exercised in the presence of the person using/driving the vehicle. Refusal to cooperate with Lamb Angling Club bailiffs or officials on this matter will result in the termination of the vehicle’s users/drivers rights to fish Lamb AC waters and membership cards will be confiscated forthwith. The perpetrator/s membership shall remain suspended until such time that they appear before the Committee of the Lamb Angling Club to justify their actions. The Lamb AC may also involve the police and/or the Environment Agency & Angling Trust if the motive is believed to be theft, contrary to section 1 of the theft act 1968 (as amended). Your cooperation and vigilance is requested to stem the theft of fish from Lamb Angling Club waters.

Specimen Fishing
1. Anglers fishing for Specimen Carp and Pike must use a line with a minimum breaking strain of 8lb, even on marker float rods and it is recommended that you use a higher breaking strain on spod or spomb rods. It is also recommended that you use a leader on spod or spomb rods to reduce the risk of break offs.

2. All anglers fishing for Specimen Carp, Bream, Pike or Tench must carry and use an unhooking mat with a minimum size of 1.2m x 0.8m and be of adequate depth.

3. All anglers fishing for Carp or Pike must carry and use a landing net with an arm span of at least 36 inches

4. All anglers fishing for specimen Carp must carry and use some form of carp care kit for both mouth and body treatment.

5. Bait boats are not allowed on any Lamb Angling Club waters.

6. The use of boats, dinghies, lilos or any form of floatation device are strictly banned, any angler found on any water using any such device will be automatically suspended for a period of 3 months (minimum) and may lead to the member being excluded from the Lamb Angling Club.

7. The use of a Carp fishing rig known as the 360 rig in any form is strictly banned as it has been proven to damage fish, any member caught using this rig will be asked to leave the water with immediate effect and suspended from all Lamb Angling Club water until they appear before the committee. Ignorance of this or any rule is no defence.

8. Rigs must be fish friendly with the ability to drop the lead if the line breaks, Bailiffs and Officials have the right to inspect rigs at any time. Failure to comply with a Bailiff or
Officials request could lead to suspension.
9. Fishing pegs are to be used straight out in front of the peg, please be aware of other anglers and do not fish across what would be an empty peg as this causes issues when other anglers drop in that peg and fish within their boundaries, please be helpful and cooperative to other members at all times. If you are unsure of a neighbouring pegs line and bait placement them please speak to the fellow angler and resolve the matter amicably.

10. Pike fishing is ONLY allowed between the 1st of October and the 31st of March. This is to give the Pike an opportunity to breed and recover during the summer months when the oxygen levels are lower and the fish are more vulnerable.

11. Specimen carp fishing hooks size 10 and above must be barbed, preferably micro barbed.

Match Fishing
1. All matches on the Official Contest List to count for points and trophies and will be fished to

N.F.A rules

2. Matches transferred because of river conditions shall be termed ‘Scrambles’. Members present will vote to decide if the venue is fishable. Consideration will be given to members already fishing substituted waters selected.

3. Members will draw one peg number and fish their allotted peg; fish to the whistle observe the rules of the Environment Agency at all times, will not leave his or her peg during the contest

unless for natural causes.

4. Members having a complaint shall give it to the Secretary in writing for a decision by the Committee; Bankside arguments will not be tolerated and will be ignored.

5. Fish shall be handled with care at all times; only coarse fish eligible for weigh in. Trout to be returned to the water immediately

6. All contest anglers must land their own fish.

7. AWAY MATCHES – The match secretary will take the names of those wishing to participate in matches, commencing the match 2 weeks prior to the event. Those members placing their names on the list will be responsible for the peg fee if they fail to turn up, and may be banned from future contests until such time as the arrears are cleared.

8. CARP CONTEST – One rod members may use two rods if they wish to participate but for the duration of the contest only.

9. Water allocated for contests are not to be used for pleasure fishing until after the weigh-in has been completed.
Most Important Rules

1. Common Sense – If all anglers exercise this rule then a pleasant pastime will be enjoyed by all

concerned in peaceful surroundings.

2. Ignorance of Any Lamb Angling Club Rule – Will NOT be accepted as an excuse or defence in any breach of these Rules, Any member breaking these bye-laws or rules is liable to suspension or expulsion from the Lamb Angling Club.
The committee’s decision is final!
Our aim isn’t to add rule after rule for the sake of it. The rules have been set out to
safeguard our waters, fish stocks and our members. If in doubt ask, but most
importantly enjoy your fishing and allow other members to do the same.


1.a. The Bye-laws set out in the membership book and any bye-laws made under paragraph (b) of this rule shall be binding upon the members until repealed by the Committee or by a resolution at an Annual General Meeting, subject to any amendment made under paragraph (b) of this rule.

b. The Committee shall from time to time make, repeal or amend all such bye-laws as they deem expedient (provided they shall not be inconsistent with these Rules) to take effect immediately unless set aside at a General Meeting.

2. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Lamb Angling Club shall be held on the 2nd Sunday In May (Amended 2014) each year to receive and consider the accounts and annual balance sheet as at 31st March of said year, prepared by Hon. Treasurer; to appoint officers to fill vacancies on the Committee; and to decide on any resolution submitted by the Committee under Rule 16. The Committee in their discretion may invite any persons to attend any General Meeting.

3. Special General Meetings

A Special General Meeting may be held at any time the committee shall determine, and the committee shall call a Special General Meeting upon the requisition in writing of at least 20% of the Membership for the purpose stated in the requisition, and upon receipt of such requisition, unless they determine the purpose to be frivolous, the Committee shall call the meeting within 40 days of receipt by the Hon. Secretary of the requisition.

4. Notices of General Meetings and Resolutions.
a. Notice of the date and time and place of every General Meeting, stating the date for submitting resolutions, shall be listed in the membership book.
b. Notice of any resolution to be moved at a General Meeting unless recommended by the Committee shall be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary at least 21 days before the meeting and signed by the proposer and seconder. Any such resolution unless withdrawn, shall be included in the business of the meeting.

5. Proceedings at General Meetings
a. At every General Meeting the Chairman or; in his/her absence, the Secretary or, in

the absence of both, a member elected by the members present, shall take the Chair. All Ordinary and Honorary Members present shall be entitled to vote if they have served 2 years of continuous membership and this is their 3rd year, and in the event of an equality of votes, the elected chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

b. Except as otherwise provided by these Rules, a majority vote of the Ordinary and Honorary Members present and voting shall carry any motion or resolution.
c. No member may vote at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting unless they have served a minimum of two years consecutive membership with a vote being allowed in their 3rd consecutive term.

6. Interpretation
a. The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Lamb Angling Club Rules and Bye-Laws, and the decision of the Committee upon any question of

interpretation or any other matter affecting the Lamb Angling Club not provided for by the Rules and Bye-Laws shall be final and binding upon the members.
b. In the Lamb Angling Club Rules and Bye-Laws, where the context permits, words importing the masculine shall include the feminine, and words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice 

When joining online, all club rules apply, members on a ban should contact a club official when joining online as they may receive a 10% admin charge against any refund if membership is revoked If in doubt contact a club official first. 

The Lamb Angling Club does not hold any bank or card details, The Lamb Angling Club will only debit money for memberships purchased and no other fees unless advised otherwise.