The Lamb Angling Club
Privacy Policy

The Policy


  • This policy explains how and why we collect personal information about our members, how we use members’ personal information, how we keep it secure and your rights regarding the information held.


  • We may collect store and use your personal data, as described by this data privacy policy and as described when we collect data from our members.

  • If inaccurate data is recorded, these inaccuracies will be amended by the Lamb Angling Club and any other parties notified immediately upon being notified of the inaccuracy. Members will also have the opportunity to update and amend their own personal data from our member portal with Clubmate software.

  • This data policy may be amended from time to time without prior notice and we reserve the right to do so. Members are advised to check the club’s website or club media platforms regularly for notification of any amendments. 


  • We will at all times use our best endeavours to comply with GDPR legislation and rules when dealing with your personal data. Information on GDPR can be found at , for the purposes of GDPR the Lamb Angling Club will be the ‘controller’ of all personal data held about our members.

Who are we?


  • We are The Lamb Angling Club (Lamb AC), referred to herein as the Club. (Under GDPR, Lamb AC are the “Controller” of member data)


What information we collect and why?




  • We collect our members their name, address, date of birth, telephone numbers and email address to enable the Club to manage a member’s membership of the Club in accordance with the various categories of membership available. We may also capture vehicle registration details of our members to facilitate management of vehicles on our waters.


  • We currently hold no information of junior members under the age of 12, should the need arise, we would require signed consent from a parent or guardian in order to hold relevant information.


  • Members have the right to access their own personal data. Members who choose not to access their own data through the member portal of Clubmate can request in writing to access their data and must be responded to within one month of the request. All requests will be directed to the Membership Secretary who will respond within the timescale. A record will be kept for management purposes of each request received.

  • You have the right to have your personal data deleted in certain circumstances (please note that if you choose to have your personal data deleted this will immediately terminate your membership at no cost to the Club).



  • Photos you upload to Clubmate via the members portal for the purpose of inclusion within your membership id card (If Used) is processed by Digital id a professional partner of Clubmate Ltd.


  • Photos included within any paper application or renewal will be destroyed after being scanned and uploaded to the Clubmate system on a members behalf by the Membership Secretary and any digital copy as a result of the scanning deleted.


  • Photos and videos are often used on the Club website or social media pages for the purpose of promoting the Club profile. We will seek the Member’s consent prior to taking and subsequently using any images on any club publication, club website or social media pages. Parental consent for Members under 16 years of age will be obtained prior to any photos or videos being recorded where children may appear. Consent relating to photos or videos may be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Club by email or letter.


Bank info.


  • We do not store any sensitive bank information of Members or other person making payment to the Club. They are all stored by and processed by a third party payment provider Stripe who are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


Who Can Access Your Data?


  • Club Officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary Can access your data for the purposes of club management, they can view all data and an also update.


  • Bailiffs Can access a summary version consisting of Forename & Surname, along with membership type and date of joining / renewal. If collected this may also include vehicle registrations. Bailiffs cannot update of amend any personal data.


How we protect your data


  • To protect members’ data it is stored within a third party management platform called Clubmate. Clubmate Ltd have in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safe guard and secure data at all times. All club & member information is stored & maintained with multi-layered security provided by Microsoft Azure across physical data centres, infrastructure and operations. And when data is transferred between the Clubmate server and the user’s computer (admin/member), it uses the same SSL technology as banks and financial institutions to ensure it remains protected. No sensitive financial information (bank details, debit or credit card information etc.) is ever seen, stored or transmitted by the Club or Clubmate. This data is always held securely by their highly regulated payment partner Stripe